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About nashFIT

About nashFIT

nashFIT was created by Chad Benson for SNSC. The nashFIT educational and training systems are the result of Chad's extensive education and experience in sport performance & fitness. nashFIT delivers affordable, cutting edge, scientifically based health, fitness and performance training & education to elite, recreational and fitness minded clients. The nashFIT Education antd Functional Integrated Training Systems are empirically grounded, practically derived and movement driven. nashFIT is a multidisciplinary integration of information from the fields of sport performance, fitness, & rehabilitation.

Each nashFIT participant can expect to receive progressive, cutting edge, scientifically proven education & training programs guaranteed to take their knowledge, performance and client’s fitness to the next level. The nashFIT training course contains an extensive system of movement error detection & correction, 5 easy to follow and implement progression matrixes and a system of personalized program implementation. Participants using the FIT system can expect to rapidly and safely lose weight, develop strong, functional muscle, have fewer muscle imbalances, improved body awareness, and are less prone to injury and/or fatigue.

About nashFit

nashFIT Vision

Through the development of world class training education & training programs, the nashFIT mandate is to create results via a participant centered approach. nashFIT’s movement based training programs are strategically designed to help participants understand and develop excellence in movement patterns, muscle imbalance removal and functional integrated programming. With a commitment to and a specialization in movement progressions, injury prevention, small group adult and athletic conditioning, nashfit’s clients & trainers obtain the education, motivation and excellence to perform in life, work and sport.

nashFit Vision
nashFit Vision

Mission Statement

"To provide a highly personalized, cutting edge, well researched LEARNING experience for fitness professionals who want to EXCEL and create performance based TRAINing programs for healthy or recovering fitness enthusiasts & athletes."

The nashFIT Difference

nashFIT utilizes a client centered approach to ensure each participant receives a highly personalized experience. nashFIT coaches are trained to detect and correct injury causing movement errors and muscle imbalances, via assessment and individualized ‘P'repair to Perform exercise prescriptions. Ranging from low function to high function, the goal of each nashFIT training program is to increase each client’s function and resistance to injury. Because nashFIT is a multilevel training system, it allows for clients and instructors to progress their knowledge and functionality at a self-directed pace and level of achievement.

Personal Trainers who excel and obtain the highest level of knowledge become coaches. nashFIT coaches are not Personal Trainers; they are highly credentialed FIT coaches who have extensive and highly specialized philosophical knowledge biomechanical breakdown, movement expertise, practical training experience. nashFIT instructors are world class Personal Trainers who help clients safely obtain their goals. nashFIT coaches are industry leaders & educators.

nashFit Vision