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nashFIT Education Benefits

nashFIT Unique Inclusions

  • nashFIT’s 6 phase system of functional movement & performance based training.
  • nashFIT’s system of progression and functional training matrixes.
  • nashFIT’s functional movement, FAST & SAQ assessments and prescriptions.
  • nashFIT’s system of integrating & individualizing each client’s training experience.
  • nashFIT’s innovative Core ACTivation, movement prep, recovery, movement intervals, and high performance training systems.
  • nashFIT’s comprehensive small group, athletic and high performance mentoring system.
nashFIT Education Benefits
nashFIT Education Benefits

nashFIT Benefits

  • Each of nashFIT level 1&2 Functional Training Specialist offers 16-24 hr ( 2-3 days) of cutting edge content, an extensive nearly 300 page training manual, detailed assessment protocols & illustrated progression matrixes. In comparison (see below) to similar but less comprehensive courses, we are offering this to SNSC employee’s for a fraction of the cost.
  • Via affiliation with highly experienced top fitness and sports conditioning coaches & presenters (see Key Personnel), those who take the course also become known as cutting edge, industry leaders.
  • Knowledge is power. Knowledgeable trainers develop strong loyalty and trust from their clients. Clients obtain their fitness and become empowered while developing their skills through a system of education, motivation & excellence.
  • Increased personal income & clientele via improved skill recognition, confidence and assessment capacities.
  • As trainers participate and pass a new level of nashFIT, there will be additional SNSC credential recognition and personal income.
  • Group fitness instructors create PT training opportunities via individualized feedback in a group setting.
  • Top trainers learn to manage, motivated and individualize multiple clients simultaneously. This opens small group PT, & athletic team training opportunities.
  • Top trainers become coaches and the next generation of nashFIT educators.