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nashFIT Functional Movement Specialist

Functional Movement Specialist 1

Is an extensive collaboration of philosophical and hands on practical application of functional movement. Great coaches are well prepared, assess the capacities of their clients, while constantly offering appropriately timed feedback and motivation. Functional movement assessment is the foundation from which participants learn to assess functional movement and progress Prepair to Perform, Core ACTivation, Dynamic Warm-up, Movement Intervals, Functional Strength & Balanced Flexibility.

This 2 day course for existing trainers and mandatory 3 day course for all new SNSC staff will give you cool new PT tools & programs while arming you with the capacity to critically evaluate all programming and exercise Rx.

nashFIT1 Functional Movement Specialist 1
nashFIT2 Functional Movement Strength Specialist 2

Functional Movement
Strength Specialist 2

Building on Level 1, this 2 course is extension of level 1 and is theoretically designed to explore the science of myofascial fitness, myofascial anatomy, progressive overload, levers & force development. Practically, level 2 comprehensively explores the assessment and practical application of the nashFIT functional strength. Push, pull, press, chop, squat, lift, bend, crawl primal movement pattern progression matrixes. Level 2 practitioners will be armed with extensive FS knowledge & prescriptions.

Advanced BF including Pre workout core activations and myofascial release techniques.

Athletic & Special
Populations Specialist

nashFIT was conceptualized upon the idea of developing athleticism for youth and adult recreational athletes. Level 1 and 2 programming mastery and comprehension is a prerequisite to developing special populations programming. Level 3 extensively explores the assessments and progressions associated with speed, agility, quickness (SAQ) & power for advanced athleticism.

The science of periodization will lay the theoretic foundations for writing advanced training programs. Specialized athletic strength techniques including an introduction to Olympic lifting is included in this course. Program modifications for special populations including older adults, arthritis / inflammatory disease, diabetes, obesity and youth will be theoretically introduced and practically applied.

nashFIT3 Athletic & Special Populations Specialist
nashFIT2 Functional Movement Strength Specialist 2

SNSC Coach
(Coming 2014)

in order to become a SNSC coach, a nashFIT level 3 instructor must mentor, train & shadow for 150 hr under one an existing SNSC Coach. Coaches will be become part of the education team and become recognized industry leaders, practitioners who stand out amongst their peers, show incredible knowledge of movement, have great leadership skills and contribute significantly to SNSC’s growth.

An SNSC coach will show the capacity to expertly execute all nashFIT protocols, illustrate comprehension of movement science and the capacity to lead low to high functioning participants.

Coaching Levels

nashFIT Coaching Levels Summary
nashFIT Coaching Levels Summary