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nashFIT Education

nashFIT Education Overview

nashFIT trainers and educators are passionate to Learn, Train, Excel and are given the educational support to become recognized as industry leaders and role models to their clients and peers. The goal of each nashFIT educational peace is two-fold.

#1. to provide cutting edge, well researched, practical, easy to understand education and information on a variety of health, fitness and performance related topics.

#2. to help athletes and fitness enthusiast discriminate the difference between high level, highly credentialed, well-resourced fitness and performance information from low level, low credentialed self-promotion & marketing.

nashFIT coaches, trainers and clients will be given the tools to make informed decisions designed to improve their health, performance and fitness longevity.

nashFIT Education
nashFIT Education

nashFIT Performance Educational & Coach Mentoring

The nashFIT 5 phase training model (see below) and coach development was conceived out of 11 years of educational and 14 years of direct hands on practical experience in the PT, group fitness and performance training environments. It brings the best of rehab, movement training & functional conditioning into an 10 module, 4 level, comprehensive educational & conditioning package.

nashFIT is a special ized, functionally based program designed to help empower fitness professionals & clients to achieve their personalized fitness goals. An educational system including the science of functional anatomy, movement, mechanical breakdown & performance forms the basis of this 3 level educational and mentoring system. Whether the educational need is fitness, performance or rehabilitation, nashFIT support SNSC PT’s via in house CEU’s, increased confidence, increased sales, trainer professionalism, long-term professional development and growth.

nashFIT Education