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nashFIT Adult Descriptions

nashFIT 3D

Available in 60 and 75min formats, NashFIT is a 3D program designed to not only challenge but "Prepair" your body. If you like challenge and are serious about making changes, NashFIT is for you. This program integrates SNSC's Prepair to Perform muscle balancing, and applies the science of periodization to CrossFit like workouts. Educate, Motivate and Perform is the motto of this program. Core ACTivation, Cardio, Plyometrics, Fullbody Strength, WODS, & Balanced Flexibility will be part of each days workout.

CustomFIT 75

Whether your goal is improved athleticism or fat loss, Functional Integrated Techniques for adults is CustomFIT to meet your goals. In a challenging, educational & highly personalized small group environment, this comprehensive program is a combination of cardio intervals and multijoint strength. During your highly metabolic 75 min, athletic experience you can expect to improved function, athleticism, lean body mass, injury resistance & posture. CFIT is individualized to accomodate multiple levels of intensity and difficulty. Individualized warm-ups and cooldowns, help improve your muscle symmetry and injury resilence. Take your highly athletic conditioning experience to the next level with a body composition, nutritional or Rekinect assessment.

nashFIT Athletic Strength

These full body strength & athletic movement workouts will bring out the athlete in anyone. The Athletic Strength workouts are derived and adapted from the same hardcore workouts Chad Benson has used to train current members of the Vancouver Canucks, BC Lions, B2Ten, Surrey Eagles and Bayside Rugby. Expertly designed using cutting edge functional movement science, these workouts will accommodate most weekend warrior movement restrictions, while simultaneously challenging your current fitness and strength barriers. Those participants with a history of joint or muscle pain are advised to first receive a Prepair to Perform Movement Assessment.


Are you Fit enough? Regardless, if you like to push your limits or work at your own pace, we have the goal driven adventure race preparation for you. Experienced NashFIT adventure racers have created progressive 6 & 12 week training courses designed to prepare you to successfully participate in this year’s Spartan, Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder outdoor adventure races. Each week we will challenge you to take your personal fitness & race preparation to the next level. Through a supportive team environment, we will guide you to the ultimate level of empowerment and achievement. AFit athletes can expect each training session to include a combination of drills which are systematically varied, physiologically challenging, metabolically stimulating, & race simulating. Best of all, you and your training mates will team-up to conquer the race course together.

nashFIT 3D Suburban Detox

A preemptive strike against the weekend.This is ARC’s most challenging & fun training experience. Train the pillars of athleticism with a combo of highly functional circuits and WODS. Improved cardiovascular conditioning, range of motion, balance, coordination, muscle endurance, strength & stamina will be the result of stepping up to this detoxifying circuit.


Designed for all levels of fitness, GoflFIT does not require a strong conditioning background. Starting with a rekinect movement screen, GolfFit will help fine tune your swing by removing movement restriction, while training your body from the center out. The GolfFit training program integrates balance, dynamic range of motion, core sling strengthening, and explosive power initiation. GolfFit will improve your resistance to injury / longevity, conditioning, swing consistency, swing speed, & ball distance.


Hit the slopes prepared to enjoy your fresh powder experience without debilitating soreness and injuries. After completing ARC PowderFit, you can expect huge improvements to your core & lower body stamina, stability, balance & recovery.




nashFIT Training

Adult Training

With age, lean body mass / weightloss, recreational sport performance and longevity become the major health and fitness goals. nashFIT is a comprehensive training system integrating the most innovative, scientifically sound information from rehabilitation, sport performance and wellness. All nashFIT programs are affordable, create camaraderie & are highly individualized.

Every nashFIT workout is a combination of cardio intervals and multi-joint strength in a challenging, small group environment. Our highly metabolic formats are 60 or 75, work the body from head to toe and through all planes of movement– nashFIT is truly a full body, 360º experience. Through participation you can expect to improve your energy levels, lean body mass, athleticism, injury resistance & balance. While nashFIT programs are challenging, they are highly individualized to meet your current conditioning, coordination and movement capacity. Individualize, and take your nashFIT experience to the next level with a body composition, nutritional or Prepair to Perform assessment.