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Hockey is a dynamic sport requiring a high level of fitness, shift to shift recovery, coordination, strength and balance. While minor hockey athletes may not require professional level off-season conditioning, playing yourself into shape is no longer accepted amongst coaches. A properly prepared body will lead to greater on-ice success, reduced injury and longevity, allowing you to safely play the sport you love. Learn from Coach Benson and benefit from the same innovative conditioning techniques used to train professional hockey athletes like Trevor Linden, Hiliary Pattenden, Markus Naslund, The Sedin's & Ben Walter. Get a headstart on your competition, build the habits which will help be successful for years to come and take your game to next level this year.

Emerging - (Ages 13-15), 2-3 days / week, $25-35 / 60 min session, Max 8 athletes / coach

This athlete has limited previous instructed weight training, SAQ or conditioning experience. Athletes in the early stage of physical training and development require proper core and movement experiences in order to achieve high-level sport performance. During this phase a combination of competitive games, running, sprinting, and change of direction movements are used to create improved conditioning, movement mechanics and first step quickness. Strength training has a strong core emphasis and is designed to increase size, strength, & joint stability, while simultaneously removing muscle imbalances.

Elite - (Ages 15 -18), 2-4 days / week & includes complete weekly training program, $30-45/ 75 min session, Max 6 athletes / coach, nutritional & post game recovery manual

This athlete should have 4-6 months of consistent, previous experience in resistance training & conditioning. Programming is designed to increase lean body mass, strength, multidirectional first step power with the inclusion of sport specific skill execution and tactics. Athletes are partnered and trained according to position and partake in sport specific coordination and performance training. The athlete will be shown game day sport specific warm-up, cooldown & recovery techniques. Pre, post and game hydration / nutritional strategies will be introduced.

College / Pro - (Ages 17+) 4-5 days / week, Max 6 athletes / coach, with complete weekly training binder, Max 6 athletes / coach, nutritional and training binder with individualized nutritional strategies & ‘P’repair to Perform training programs, $40-50/ 90-120 min session

This athlete is physically mature, and should have previous experience with off-season training and drafted or playing college or pro level sport. During this phase of development, athletes are introduced to advanced strength, explosive power, conditioning and focus techniques. High amplitude plyometrics for power and heavy strength training for increased lean body mass are most often the focus of this athlete. All training and nutrition programs are highly periodized (yearly plan), sport specific and individualized to help each athlete turn weaknesses into strengths. To that end, athletes are assessed and prescribed position specific performance and rekinect training programs. Pre, post and game hydration / nutritional strategies will be refined to ensure optimal athletic performance.




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Athleticism is the foundation of all sports specific training. With experience training athletes in over 15 different sports, the nashFIT team specializes in athletic development. We offer athletic conditioning for emerging, elite, pro, college and recreational level athletes. A functional movement and sport performance assessment marks the beginning of your nashFIT sports performance experience.

All dryland programs for emerging, elite & pro athletes are tailored to meet the energetics & movement demands specific to each athlete’s needs, injury history and individual position. nashFIT athletes develop strong, explosive muscles, have fewer weaknesses & muscle imbalances, improved body awareness, and are less prone to injury and (or) fatigue.

Chad Benson, Msc, CSCS, Kinesiologist, former NHL conditioning coach & current strength & conditioning consultant to the Canadian Sports Center, the Surrey Eagles, Bayside Rugby, WRSSBA is nashFIT’s head conditioning coach, coach mentor. The nashFIT athlete development system is an integrated, innovative training model guaranteed to take performance to the next level. With a commitment to small groups (6-10 athletes) & individual attention, each athlete’s experience is unique.

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